Choosing The Best Roofing Material

The material of your roof may not stand out as a big decision when talked about in the same conversation as the rest of your house, but due to how exposed it is to the elements and how vital it is in keeping your home warm and dry, it’s an extremely important decision. You also want it to match the rest of your house, so you’re not left with a building that looks more like Frankenstein’s monster than a place to live. In this article North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting hopes to give you the information needed on the different points of consideration required to help you pick the best material for your home.

The Price

As you may have expected, the price is the first thing you will need to consider when choosing your material, this is something you may have already budgeted for and if so, great. There are plenty of options available and BC Roofing LTD is here to help you pick an ideal material.

The Durability

This point can go from extremely important to relatively insignificant depending on where you live. If you’re in an area that is frequently ravaged by storms and poor weather, you’ll want to pick something that will be able to withstand the regular abuse it is likely to get. If you live in an area with fairly mild weather year-round, you will be able to get away with something far less tough and likely less expensive. The durability of your roof is also likely to determine how long it will last in general and how long it will be before it requires maintenance. A roof can be expensive and time consuming to install and repair so you want to pick something that will last.

The slope

Believe it or not even the slope of your roof affects the ideal material for it. Different materials have different recommended pitch ranges, for example, wood is a better choice for a sloped roof rather than a flat roof where they are more susceptible to sprouting leaks whereas a metal roof is a fine choice for a flat roof. To find out which materials are best for the slope you want, you can either look online or contact us and make use of our wealth of residential roofing experience.


The weight of your roof is especially important as it is almost entirely dependent on the support provided by the rest of your house. Materials like metal need less support than something like slate or tile.

Design and Color

This is more for personal preference than any structural requirement but if you’re paying for a roof you might as well get one you like. Different materials will reflect different styles and colors so you will need to look for something that like with the rest of your home.

Hopefully this article has helped show you the most important factors to consider when planning your new roof and North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting is just a call a way if you would like the best roofing experts in Vancouver to help make your ideal roof a reality.

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