Essential Tips For Grouse Grind First-Timers

The grouse grind is the trail on the grouse mountain, and it is also known as the “Mother nature Stairmaster“. It is the 2.9 kilometer of the trail build on the face of the Grouse Mountain. It is considered to be challenging for the first-timers. It is now open in 2019, and thousands of the tourists and the locals of the North Vancouver visited and conquered the hike. Many people come and take the trail for the experience.  It is the most beautiful trail with the exquisite cutting of the grouse mountain. There are some useful tips for the first timers that are going for the Grouse Grind are discussed below.

Practice on the other similar trails:

For the first-timers, Grouse Grind is very difficult, so the seasonal hikers must have some experience of other trails in Vancouver. The sportsperson will enjoy the trail, but the people who don’t do any physical activity will find it difficult. So it is suggested that to have some experience on easy trails before trying the Grouse Grind.

Stretching of the body:

Cramping is a common problem for first-timers, and it is the worst thing that can happen during the hike. To avoid cramps, it is necessary to have some stretching before and after hiking. Stretching is very important for first-timers. Most people feel pain when they reached half of the Grind. So it advised that to have the stretching of the lower body such as hamstring, quads, and calves.

Use of proper clothes and shoes:

Without having the proper shoes and clothes, no one can enjoy the hiking experience even you are professional in hiking. The special shoes are designed for hiking that can provide the proper grip during hiking. The cloths must be stretchable and comfortable, so you can freely move during the trail.

Keep Hydrated:

Hydration is the important thing that plays an important role in hiking the Grind. In summers, dehydration can make it difficult for you to complete the trail. It is advised that to drink at least 1 liter of water during the session. For the first-timer, it is suggested that to bring the water bottle and keep them hydrated. 

Have breaks:

The Grouse Grind is divided into four parts; the first quarter is longer but has less steep than other parts. The second and third parts are considered to be the most difficult parts because they are steep. And the last part is also easy to cover than the second and third parts. So try to save your energy for the second and third parts. Try to have the short breaks after completing each part.

Use the washroom before:

Throughout the trail there is no washroom or restroom, so you must use the washroom before starting the hike. After reaching the peak, you may find some restrooms with washrooms.

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