How roofing can help you deal with smoky weather

 2020 has been a rough year so far, and it is a little more rough for North Vancouver as compared to other parts of America. The reason is definitely the Forest Fire in Vancouver where the situation has been serious for the past couple of weeks. The air has been severely polluted by the smoke and which has polluted the environment so badly that the government has advised citizens to stay at home and avoid outdoor activities. 

 Although this is one possible solution to avoid hazards of air pollution, however, this is not entirely a solution to the problem since air can easily enter your home as well. Not only the air but the heat from the fire is another issue with this ongoing problem. To deal with the situation, there is a need to take immediate action and making improvements to your roof is one of them. Most of the houses and offices in Vancouver are entirely covered, and if you can manage to keep the windows and doors closed for a maximum amount of time, you can cut off a good amount of heat to the house. But the roof is one part of the house that is always exposed to the external pollution factors, and it can play a big role in keeping the house cool in this extreme weather. 

One possible solution is to have a green roof if you have your house at a certain distance from the fire. Although not many houses in Vancouver have been affected by the fire yet, it is still important to make sure that you don’t end up dealing with the same problem. A green roof can really help you to keep the house cool, and it is just an addition to the roof of your existing building. Having green plants on your roof is not a bad idea when it comes to dealing with the heat from Forest fire. Not only will you assist your house to remain cool, but you will also manage to reduce air pollution to a great extent. 

There are two forms of green roofing, intensive and extensive, and you have to consider one for your property accordingly. For commercial roofing, there are going to be different solutions, and for residential roofing issues, there are different ideas. Roofing professionals can help you to pick the right green roofing for your property. Let’s take a look at how these green roofs can be helpful in this specific situation going on in Vancouver.

Fire Retardation:

 If you are worried about the fact that these plants at the top of your roof might end up getting the fire as well, then let us help you know that this is not the case. Green roofs have much lower burning heat load, so it only assists in keeping the house cool.

Improved air quality:

The plants that you install on the rooftop are very effective in capturing the airborne pollutants, noxious gases, and atmospheric deposition. By having these green roofs, you can help reduce the demand on power plants since you have been contributing to temperature moderating effects through green roofs. Eventually, there will be a decrease in the amount of CO2 and other polluting products released into the air.

However, you need to take the help of roofing professionals to have these green roofs for your house. North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting has been in the business for years and offering expert services in this uncertain time as well. To get a roofing solution, you can reach out to us via phone call or can leave a mail, and we will reach back to you as soon as possible.


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