How Skylights Affect Roofing


For many of us, a skylight is a symbol of luxury, a beautiful example of old architectural creativity while at the same time appearing modern and wonderous. They allow the sunlight to stream in during the day, making the room feel fresh and bright while at night, we can gaze through them, observing the night sky and if you’re lucky, admiring the stars in all their wonder. And we here at North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting want to help ensure you are as informed as possible when thinking about installing one.

There are four main types of skylight: an open skylight that is essentially a hole in your roof, this is the original skylight. A fixed skylight, typically glazed over to allow light in without being able to see through, they also do not open. An operable skylight, the traditional skylight we see today, they are clear windows in a roof that can be opened for ventilation and fresh air. And finally, a retractable skylight, similar to the operable skylight the only difference being that a retractable skylight can be completely opened and closed, ideal for star gazers who want the best view of the sky.

Now regardless of which skylight you are looking to install, it’s important to remember a few things on how they can affect your roof when planning the installation. Firstly, and most importantly, do not attempt this alone. Skylights are more than a simple hole cut into the roof and since it is on the roof, there is not only a risk of damaging your house, but also a risk of being seriously hurt if anything goes wrong. Instead we recommend using a professional service, North Vancouver roofing are experts in residential roofing, making us perfectly suited to help you install a perfect skylight.

Next you will need to consider the right location for your skylight, you will need to take the structural integrity of the roof into consideration. You’ll have to think of the materials you will be using and where the rafters in your roof are. The last thing you want is to pay for a skylight only to have your roof collapse in because of an expensive mistake.

You also need to think about how big you want your skylight to be, this will not only affect the overall cost but also how much sun will get into the room. While it may sound nice to have a big skylight, on hot summer days that room can easily become too hot due to the amount of solar heating it’s now receiving.

From this article you can likely see that much more goes into the installation of a skylight than simply fitting a window in the roof. But while there is much to consider, you don’t have to do it alone. As the best roofing experts in North Vancouver, we are here to not only discuss your ideas, but also make them a reality.

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