Measures you should take to prevent COVID-19

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Coronavirus is a disease that can be transferred easily to anyone. People who got infected with coronavirus disease face the mild to moderate temperature and without special treatment, they cannot be recovered. This disease mostly affects those who have medical problems like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Older people also may develop coronavirus disease.

To avoid getting the disease you must know the causes of spread and how can we save ourselves from the COVID-19 virus. Everyone must be completely informed about the virus and how can it be increased. Take care of yourselves and others from this virus and wash hands frequently. Also, use hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face.

Steps to avoid COVID-19:

Protect yourself and others by following the below protective measures:

  • Rinse hands more often:

Whenever you go outside or opens the door, wash your hands immediately. Also, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to kill the germs or simply clean your hands with water and soap. Washing your hands frequently will kill the maximum viruses and will save you from COVID disease.

  • Keep up isolation:

Avoid going outside and meeting others or if it is urgent to meet then maintain 3feet distance. Strict fully avoid those people who have even a slight cough or sneeze. Because the virus can easily be transferred into you. When a person sneeze or cough then small liquid droplets can come from their mouth or nose. That liquid may have viruses that can also infectious to you. If you are standing too close to the affected person then you may get the droplets.

  • Don’t touch nose, eyes, and mouth:

You even don’t have any idea that your hands may up the viruses. If you touch your hand without washing hands then there are chances that your hands can transfer the virus. The virus can be transferred through your nose, eyes or mouth. When the virus enters your body then it will make you sick. So protect yourself and avoid touching your face.

  • Follow respiratory cleanliness:

Must follow the respiratory cleanliness and also the people around you should follow too. Whenever you sneeze or cough covers your nose and mouth with a tissue or elbow. Immediately dispose of the tissue after use. It is important to keep respiratory hygiene and save your health because when you sneeze, viruses spread through the droplets. But when you follow the cleanliness you protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and flu.

  • Consult a doctor if you face shortness of breath

The main symptoms of COVID include shortness of breath as well. Seek medical advice if you have fever, cough and facing trouble in a breath. Do not go outside if you feel not well, stay at home and take rest. You can also follow the directions of national health authorities because they have up to date information. If you call them and informed them quickly then they will give you the right health facility. This action will save you and others to spread viruses or other diseases.


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