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North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting is a fully incorporated, fully insured and reputable roofing company serving North Vancouver and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We provide free estimates and 10 year workmanship warranty that guarantees our work.  We provide high quality roofing solutions in a very competitive pricing.

North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting is commited to delivering an exceptional customer experience. We’ve been through it all, from nailing shingles with hammers in the old days to using pressurized roofing nailers, from asphalt shingles to metal flat roof, North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting understands that honest and quality work guarantees one’s survival in this industry. We want your business, but we want to impress you more.

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Residential Roofing

Is your roof seeing some wear and tear? Perhaps you are experiencing some water leakage? Or, there are some missing shingles, or cracked, chipped shingles which is a good indication to consider repair, or often time, a new roofing solution. Check out some of our most common residential roofing choices.

Commercial Roofing

A commercial building’s first line of defense against natural forces is its exterior structure. The roof plays a significant role in the longevity of the property, and frankly one that is often taken too lightly. A sound commercial roofing solution that fits the purpose, goals and finances of the building is undoubtedly a serious investment that should be entrusted to a professional after careful consultation.

One of the most common questions that our installers get asked are how much it costs to do a fresh roofing installation, or, how much would it cost to do roofing repair. We wonder to ourselves too that how come there are much fewer inquiries about roofing maintenance.

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Why Choose North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting?

Fully Insured with Manufacture’s Warranty
Safety of our staff and the durability of your roof are our utmost importance. All of our roofing professionals are covered under WorkSafe BC.
Honesty, Integrity and Transparency
We ensure that you are informed of every details of the project from quotation all the way to after service care.
Competitive Pricing that Warrants Quality Work
We can’t guarantee the best price in the industry, as there are unfortunately some bad apples out there offering impossible fees for sub-par work. We promise to provide a quotation that is the best bang for your buck.
Clean, Polite and Considerate
From preparation to clean-up work, North Vancouver Roofing Company mandates that all projects are tidied up properly, with knowledgeable and professional roofing staff that are on-time.
Customer Satisfaction
Competitive Pricing
Quality Work
Work Safety



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