Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs have always been popular, in the past they were just because of how easy they are to install and nowadays many people like the appeal of a more uncommon style. If you’ve been thinking of installing a flat roof in your current or future house, there are a few things to think about. Much more goes into the installation of a flat roof than meets the eye and we here at North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting aim to make you as educated as possible in the subject.


Fast Installation: A flat roof does not require anywhere near the amount of materials that a traditional roof does, roughly half in fact! Because of this it will take less time to install your new roof and will cost you far less, making it the most affordable option when considering which style of roof to go with.

Safer: By safer, we don’t mean that a sloped roof is likely to collapse in on your house, we mean that it is far safer for anyone working on your roof. While a traditional roof presents potential issues with the steep angle and maintaining balance when working, a flat roof is far easier to work on as the only potential risk would be falling when climbing up.

Maintenance: Similar to what we mentioned previously, a flat roof is far easier to maintain and repair. Roof repair can not only be hazardous on a traditional roof, but even when using a service as professional and efficient as North Vancouver Roofers it will take far longer that it would on a flat roof. This cuts down the cost of materials and work time dramatically.


Leaks: This is perhaps the most obvious potential con of a flat roof; traditional roofs are sloped to allow things like water and snow to slide off. With flat roofs as you can imagine, this doesn’t happen, water can potentially pool on the roof and cause leaks or other damage to the roof. However, aware of this possibility, North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting make preparations to prevent this and keep your roof healthy.

Fewer options: While it may be clear that your design options severely suffer with a flat roof, what you may not realize is that your material options are as well. The strongest and best materials for a flat roof are far more limited that that of a traditional sloped roof, meaning you are also limited in your choices of color and overall design.

Shorter life: Due to the overall design of a flat roof, there is more stress on the materials than on its sloped counterpart. While new materials are being developed every year with the intention of making them more durable, a flat roof is still unlikely to last as long as its sloped counterparts.

If you are thinking of installing a flat roof for your home, you’ll want to use the best roofing experts available. Contact us today to begin planning your ideal roof.

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