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Protect Your Gutters

Gutters are vital parts of every home design, because they tactically drain water from different regions of the roof, and prevent water from entering roofing materials, your attic, and other parts of the home. So, for them to work properly and efficiently, they need to be frequently cleaned and maintained as well. Here are some advises and tips for cleaning, maintaining, and keeping them ready for drainage.

Why Do Gutters Need to be cleaned?

As discussed before gutters drain out water from rain and other sources, and while draining water it also collects debris and trash along with it, which can cause clogging and blockage to flow through gutters properly, and when water won’t flow properly into gutters, then it will cause overflowing and going over to the side of gutters, now this excessive water will enter in the roofing of your home, it will start getting into the small cracks of your home and these issues will lead you to repair several aspects of your home, but by taking care of your gutters properly you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

Use Protective Gear

Use a stable ladder for reaching your roof, don’t use a metal ladder when there are electrical wires are present near your roof, because it will cause shock just by touching those wires. Then it’s important to wear shoes that are non-slippery i.e., shoes having a grippy sole, these shoes will help in maintain and balance and grip on the roof and protect you from falling and having injuries. Use gloves to protect your hands, because while working on those gutters and taking debris out of them sticks and any other sharp object can cause injury or scratches on your hands. Last but not least don’t forget to your eyes, although the risk is low still it’s better safe than sorry because you don’t want to get something in your eyes while cleaning that can irritate.

Use a garden hose and gutter scoop for cleaning the roof and taking the trash out of them, you can also unclog downspouts of your roof by cleaning up debris for them to function properly and drain water from your roof.

DIY vs Professionals

Cleaning gutter seems like a pretty straight forward task but still, it is difficult for most people, with proper tools and safety it can be done nice and easy, this task only takes some of your time from the day, and you will feel good about working on your home, also it will save your money, but the drawback of DIY is lack of experience for example if you have a leaking gutter that is causing issues to your roof and home then it is possible that you will need a professional for this task because a professional will detect any issues that are left or being ignored by the DIY process. North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting offers professional service for Residential Roofing and can save your precious roof from devastating issues caused by gutters. Contacting us and giving this task to our expert will surely provide you an ease of mind that the work is done professionally and now your home and roof both are safe.

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