Reasons To Check Out Norvan Falls


Norvan fall is the most beautiful waterfall hike, found in North Vancouver Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. The trail for the Norvan fall is flat and runs along with the Lynn creek. It is open for few months in a year because, in winter, the trail is covered with the snow. But it is considered to be the most beautiful trail in North Vancouver. The waterfall is the most beautiful thing, and the whole trail itself is adventurous. Anyone can hike this trail easily because there are no steep hikes. Even you can bring your dogs along with you, and there are plenty of water facilities. Beautiful forest makes you feel fresh throughout the way to Norvan fall.

Easy trail:

Norvan falls have the easy trail; you just have to walk 4km. You can take rest on some spots; there are many streams on the way to Norvan falls. Most people come to Norvan falls for walking along with their dogs. The cool breeze and the greenery of the forest make you feel fresh. You can find freshwater on the way to Norvan falls, so you don’t need to carry water. It is a small trail so you can easily reach on the peak within an hour. Even kids enjoy having the experience of hiking on this trail.

Beautiful trail:

Along with the river, you can see the beautiful trees of the forest. Many different types of trees are grown on the sides of the trail. There are a few small trails through which you can reach the river. Near the river, you can have a picnic or have some rest. It is worth having the look of the beautiful mountain and the waterfall. On the way to the fall, there is a number of large rocks for sitting and picnic.


When you are about to reach the fall, you can hear the loud sound of the waterfall. The sound of rushing water is very loud. And when you reached the Norvan fall, you can see the amazing spot from which you can see the beautiful view of mountains and the waterfall. But due to erosion, it is suggested that to stay away from the spot. You can take pictures from the peak by sitting on a large tree stump beneath the falls. Try to stay away from the fall, because there are falling rocks from the nearby cliffs. And falling rocks can cause serious injury. After visiting the falls, you can have the option to visit Lynn Headwaters Park. The entrance of the park is on the same trail from which you come to the fall. So if you want to visit the park before or after visiting the fall, you can easily visit it by following the same track. The park is very big and has beautiful trees or plants. Make sure you have enough time to enjoy the beauty of nature in the day time because there is no light on the way to fall.

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