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A commercial building’s first line of defense against natural forces is its exterior structure. The roof plays a significant role in the longevity of the property, and frankly one that is often taken too lightly. A sound commercial roofing solution that fits the purpose, goals and finances of the building is undoubtedly a serious investment that should be entrusted to a professional after careful consultation.

North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting explores the following systems for your consideration:

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EPDM Commercial Roof

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) commercial roof is one of the popular commercial roofing solutions. The material consists of ethylene and propythene synthetic rubber members that vary in the desired thickness.

EPDM is a considerable durable solution that if installed and maintained properly, can last 30 years. The highlight of EPDM roof is that the rubber provides resistance to thermal shocks and hail damage, as well as UV radiation. Its ability to adapt to the building roof structure also makes it a popular contender.

Couple points must be considered when choosing EPDM as the commercial roofing system of choice. The application of the EPDM is of critical importance. The membranes must be applied under clean and dry conditions for the seams to cure properly. Improper contact with chemicals or adhesives and yield undesirable blistering. EPDM is also prone to absorbing heat from the environment.

TPO Commercial Roof

Thermoplastic Polyoefin (TPO) commercial roof is one of the most popular commercial roofing solutions on the market. This is a single-ply memebrane that is adhered to the roof top surface. Benefits of TPO commercial roof includes the ease of installation, economical, the long lasting performance if well kept, and its reflective properties that deflect natural heat away from the building.  TPO roof installation involves the use of heat, which is often referred to as the torch-on method. The high temperature ensures a fused seam that is up to six times stronger than glued membranes.

All systems have their benefits and draw backs. As TPO commercial roof is a single layer system, naturally it is more prone to mechanical abuse, weathering and punctures. However, the technology surrounding TPO continues to improve such as the introduction of padding and thicker membranes.

PVC Commercial Roof

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) commercial roof is another singly-ply membrane roofing solution that dates back 50 years ago. This roofing solution is popular amongst restaurant establishments as PVC material is more resistant to fire, fungi and bacteria, which also provides excellent resistance to chemicals, grease and oils and industrial chemicals alike. As with TPO commercial roof, PVC roof will shrink over time from weathering. PVC roofing system is also incompatible with ashphalt roof top. This is a longer lasting solution that can withstand up to 35 years or longer if kept properly.

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Green Roof

Green Roof, or sometimes referred to vegetative commercial roof, or roof top garden refer to a system of roofing solution that incorporates live plant materials on top of a membrane system. This prolongs the roof membrane’s age and reduce airborne pollutants and heat. There is considerable growing interest in green roof solutions. As soil foundation must be applied onto of the membrane to grow vegetations, the roof of interest must be able to withstand extra weight, up to 80-150 pounds per square foot.

There is a big incentive in installing green roof. Energy efficiency of the building is greatly enhanced with a storm water management system, complimented by the thermal protection from winter cold and summer heat. The addition of roof top garden creates social space and visual interest to the building dwellers. 

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