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One of the most common questions that our installers get asked are how much it costs to do a fresh roofing installation, or, how much would it cost to do roofing repair. We wonder to ourselves too that how come there are much fewer inquiries about roofing maintenance.

The best approach to care for your roof and to keep the cost down is still “proper and regular roofing maintenance”. A complete diagnosis of the roof, chimney, gutter can eliminate much more serious issues such as leakage, mold growth and structural damage if left unattended. A proactive approach is recommended to extend the lifespan of any roofing structure.


What to expect from the roofing inspection at North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting

We continue to emphasize that we call on the best team who specialize in the craft that they do. There are benefits to this as some bad apples in the industry might falsely identify a problem and charge the owner for repair that is unnecessary. By delegating a specific item to a team of specialist, we ensure that the roofing analysis is performed safely, honestly and bias-free.

North Vancouver Roofing & Contracting specifically identify damaged shingles, wet spots, potential rot on the underside of your roof, gutter leakage or damage, as well as the status of shingles in general. There are conventional products that can rejuvenate the protective properties of older shingles to extend the life span. For older homes with chimney, the chimney flashing is another area that is prone to debris accumulation and rusting.

Excessive moisture build up can accelerate the degradation of any roofing structure. Common growth of moss/algae is an indication that the roof should be serviced and inspected. Our team of experts can remove these build up efficiently.

Emergency Roofing Repair Service

As the weather continue to become more and more unstable, we are noticing an increase in the number of roofing structural damage from falling objects and strong wind. We advise that property owners be familiar with their insurance policies. When required, please do not hesitate to contact North Vancouver Roofers like ourselves for emergency roofing repair and hazard prevention. We are your neighbor and we care for your safety. 

North Vancouver Roofing Reprit – A service you can count on

A comprehensive report will be generated for the owner and the management of the company with recommendations for repair if any.  This allows transparency and accountability from both parties. We stand behind our integrity of conducting business in a customer-first, trustworthy experience. Not sure if you need a roofing inspection? Contact us today to jump on an obligation-free phone consultation to learn some key identifiers to help you decide.

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